Thursday, July 24, 2014

Malaysia Bookstores

     If you ever make your way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (and you should!), here are some of the bookstores you should check out during your trip.

      Popular Bookstore is part of the largest bookstore chain in Malaysia.  The Avenue K branch we went to was not a megabranch, so I was not that impressed with their book selections.  However, they had the most helpful sales assistants. 

Popular Bookstore - Avenue K Mall
      Times Bookstore in Pavilion Mall was quite big.   They had a good selection of books.  Most of the books on display were recently published.  The sales people were not as excited to hunt for books on my wishlist though.  Boo!!!

Times Bookstore - Pavilion Mall
Crafts and Graphic Design Section

     And finally, one of the best parts of the trip!!  Books Kinokuniya in Suria Mall!!!!   Grabe!!  I've died and gone to bookstore heaven!  Books Kinokuniya is a bookstore chain that originated from Japan.  They carry a HUGE selection of books.  One day is not enough to browse through my favorite aisles (Graphic Design, Arts and Crafts). 

Crafts and Graphic Design Section

     Hehe,  one of the reasons why I picked Malaysia is because of Kinokuniya.  I went there because my goal was really to buy japanese and chinese illustration books (the best!).  You can't find those here in the Philippines. 

Japanese and Chinese Craft Books
Enjoy, Hehe!
     By the way, did you know that there is a Borders Bookstore in Berjaya Times Square?   We loved Kinokuniya so much we ran out of time to visit Borders.  It has always been my dream to work as a sales lady at Borders so I was really sad when they closed.  If you have been there, share your photos, please! :)

        In my next post, I'll share with you the books I got from my trip.   :)

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